Is there any help out there?

Ultra runners are some of the most committed athletes on the planet. All that enthusiasm and drive. The desire to continue to push the limits in training and racing. Miles and miles of running – day after day. No matter your individual ambitions, ultras are a serious undertaking

Managing that enthusiasm and channelling it in the right way is where regular online support can help. You don’t need to do it all on your own like I did for years. Take some of the guess work out of training plans and race strategies. My online coaching support will be based on your personal race ambitions and each week we’ll agree a tailored training plan to put you in the right shape for each challenge. Plans based on what’s realistic and achievable for you – not just another unworkable schedule. We can work on weaknesses and build on the areas where you’ll get the best returns.

If you’re hoping to complete your first ultra or looking to step onto the podium I’m sure I can help.


If we’re going to work together it has to be a 2-way process. The feedback is critical to success and it’s why I’ll be available online to talk, discuss and share ideas and to agree next steps (via skype / hangouts / phone). Like most things in life there will be challenges along the way and without the honesty and commitment of a training / coaching partnership we’ll never learn and make improvements.

If we decide to work together and we fully understand your ambitions, I’ll do everything I can to help you fulfill them. Whether it’s working towards your first ultra or helping you improve your performances – I want to work with athletes who are as committed to the sport as I am.

Interested? Talk to me now.